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Mycala stapleton

Mycala stapleton
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Gimme some coffee, pass me a brew. Death before decaf, I've got so much to do. Live life with less bullshit. Enjoy the beauty in everyday things.

XD LOL!!!!!

Funny pictures about So brilliantly evil. Oh, and cool pics about So brilliantly evil. Also, So brilliantly evil.

The 20 Funniest Office Pranks Ever!

Funny pictures about Twinkies treasure. Oh, and cool pics about Twinkies treasure. Also, Twinkies treasure.

Sadly this has not become less true as I've grown older. Some day, perhaps this change will be a sign of my new found maturity.

Sadly this is soo true I hate being told when to clean it makes me so mad but when I decide to clean it's so much fun

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I LOVE teenage posts because it makes me know I'm not the only one that does weird stuff like this ! In this case it would either by iPod or remote lol

Teenager Posts //Or excited. Or totally in the writing mode. :)

If I'm mad most of the time at school, why does it take me like two weeks to write an essay?