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Montessori Practical Life Activities

Practical Life activities are so important to the Montessori method. Materials and works are inspired by 'real-life' tasks, and teach children important skills through fun, step by step activities that convey respect, responsibility and caring.
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A great post with pictures of all sorts of Practical Life activities to do with pouring. This illustrates how a concept can be expanded with very simple variations, and become a whole new work! This post is in French but can be translated.

Des exercices pour préparer à l'écriture : les versers

A practical life presentation on creating a daily offering (canang sari, in Balinese culture) to celebrate peace around the world with beautiful flowers and leaves! Part of Montessori Cultural studies, as well as Peace studies- plus instructions on how to make an easy basket out of a large leaf.. a perfect motor skills work that can be used for other holidays, as well as at the nature table!

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Though Practical Life activities are most often associated with Montessori Preschool/Kindergarten, learning and practicing valuable life skills continues into the elementary years. We look at sewing as a Montessori Elementary Practical Life work, and suggest that students can find a charity in the community to contribute their projects to. Sewing for charity is a wonderful way to build character through service, providing students with a sense of community awareness as they master new…

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this practical lifefrom this practical life

basics – my montessori corners

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A Montessori Going Out Activity: Visiting a Farm for Fall- Tips for visiting a farm as a practical life, real world activity. Montessori teachers take care to prepare the environment prior to the children’s arrival. Visiting an orchard or pumpkin patch should be no different!

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Montessori Practical Life activities have very specific goals when it comes to the development of motor skills, concentration, and consciousness in movement. Today we discuss ways to add variety to Practical Life shelves while still maintaining the integrity of those goals, along with keeping children interested!

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Practical Life Activities are a major part of the Montessori preschool program. By about five years of age, though, children need and want more than simple activities such as organizing and cleaning. The sensitive period of order has passed and they are now moving into the next stage where they favor more elaborate activities such as cooking, vacuuming, and sewing in lower Elementary.

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Montessori stated that at each plane of development there is a sensitive period for different skills and activities. It is critical that proper stimulation be provided as nature intended. A child enters Montessori preschool around the age of three. It is here where the Work of the Family, known as Practical Life activities, provides an introduction and smooth transition to the Montessori school by linking the activities that the child is familiar with at home to the school environment.

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Going Out as Part of Montessori Education - Learning Independence. it wasn't the product of lunch that mattered. It was the process by which the children learned. Students came up with a plan, presented it, organized it, and carried it through. After all, isn't that what growing up and making decisions is all about?

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Montessori Philosophy - Building Character Through Work - Montessorians know that family helps family, and practical life work gives children a sense of pride, accomplishment, and responsibility. Through the care of themselves and their environment, they learn that they are a valuable member of their community!

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Montessori Philosophy: Grace and Courtesy Make a Difference. Grace and Courtesy is an important part of Montessori Practical Life, focusing on interpersonal skills that are essential to interaction. How to interrupt politely and how to greet new people are just some of these important life lessons.

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Hammering nails into a stump is a Practical Life activity that teaches an important skill with a number of other excellent benefits: responsibility and caution, comfort around tools, hand eye coordination, and both gross and fine motor movement development. It's also an excellent tool for helping redirect restless or disruptive behavior positively.

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Washing items is a perfect example of real world skills that translates well to an interesting and enjoyable Montessori activity. Create a group of interesting, beautiful and natural items, and invite children to wash and care for them. You will be surprised at the thought and care little hands work with!

Play Create Explore: Washing Sea Shells: Simple and Calming Play

The Kavanaugh Reportfrom The Kavanaugh Report

Montessori Home: Toddler's Bathroom

Support Practical Life and independence skills developed at school by creating a Montessori prepared environment at home! Here is some great inspiration for creating a Montessori Toddler Bathroom easily.

The Kavanaugh Report: Montessori Home: Toddler's Bathroom