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Mayors Against Illegal Guns' latest million dollar ad campaign — featuring a self-professed gun owner — prompted gun owners all over America to ask one simple question. Visit to sign up for important updates.

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On January 30, 2013, Sen. Chuck Schumer promised that universal background checks wouldn't create a gun registry. Yet just 13 days later, as Schumer was discussing gun control proposals, he stated, "the one which I've been pushing, which is universal registration." It couldn't be any clearer — when a politician says "universal background checks," what they actually mean is "universal registration." Sign up for Stand and Fight updates at:

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Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and all other elite politicians trying to marginalize the law-abiding, average American must never forget that they work for us.

NRA Stand and Fight

Missing in the mainstream media's coordinated outrage over so-called "assault weapons" was a demonstration of their performance characteristics — until the NRA opened up its shooting range and showed Americans the truth. Visit to sign up for important updates.

Media Ignorance

Barack Obama's misguided efforts to ban so-called "high-capacity" magazines will only hurt law-abiding, average Americans. The wealthy will still surround themselves with all the "high-capacity" technology they want, and criminals will simply continue to ignore the law.

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“It’s not just our duty to protect them, it’s our right to protect them.” NRA’s proposal to put armed security in schools was sharply criticized by mainstream media. But parents and citizens feel differently — two-thirds support the plan. Media may speak for elites, but America will speak for itself.

America Agrees

President Obama’s skepticism over NRA’s proposal to put armed security in schools — when he and his friends already send their children to schools with armed guards — is just the latest example of elitist hypocrisy. The NRA plans to Stand and Fight — will you stand with us?

School Security