build a small deck around trees in the backyard

we have been trying to come up with an idea around the trees towards the end of our yard. "If you have a leveled yard and trees, try this awesome DIY project. People of all ages will enjoy this mini sun deck.

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I wonder if this works. Washing your face with carbonated or sparkling water is one of the most beneficial methods of getting a clear glowing skin in a very short time.

Beautiful, but the grill part makes me a little nervous with the wood. I think the concrete or metal countertop part probably makes this ok.

outdoor kitchen also requires dedicated space as well as your bank balance. If you don’t have the dedicated space or the bank balance, don’t despair… This portable barbecue is a clever solution!

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Side view of a simple unique night stand with a reading light. I want one on both sides of the bed!

This one! We build it ourselves...and save a CRAPload!

This will be the basic shape: Three "A" frame, swings, climbing wall and slide. We will beef it up quite a bit!

Build your own swing-set with Paul's Swing-set plan! Free Download.

Frankly in today's culture, if you have a back yard and at least one kid, you absolutely must have a playset behind your house or else you're simply a bad perso

Sprayed the inside with stove paint and found some high heat resistant paint to finish it off... colour is RAF Grey Blue

Sprayed the inside with stove paint and found some high heat resistant paint to finish it off. colour is RAF Grey Blue Más