I love my sister with down syndrome. She is rocking that extra chromosome!

Cutie pie, I absolutely adore DS kids. They're my major inspiration every single day!


Down Syndrome is not a disease to be cured, it's a blessing to be accepted.

Please remember that people with Down Syndrome or any developmental disabilities are people first - just like you and me!!

Down Syndrome Creed by marynbeau.ross--October is Down syndrome awareness month!

Down Syndrome

Kidney Disease Awareness Angel - Mom and dates instead of the above wording. Maybe I'll needlepoint it :/

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just because you don`t look like the other " crayons" in the box. DOES NOT mean you still can`t make the most beautiful pictures! DON`T you EVER give up on YOU! You are simply AMAZING! - I love this quote! It's got me through some tough times xx

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