Allen Ginsberg

Dedication to Allen Ginsberg

jimmy stewart

Nerd Boyfriend

Keith Richards & Mick Jagger - The Rolling Stones

The Glimmer Twins — iwantyouneartokillmyfears: Aw.

Gene Kelly, Aug.23,1912 - Feb.2,1996. ("Singin' In The Rain"). He Had A Stroke In 1994 & Another In 1995. Died In His Sleep

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Stanley Tucci... No matter what kind of role he plays, I LOVE him!! One of my favorite actors. He is absolutely brilliant.

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ed harris

Picture of Ed Harris

JT + Fallon

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Paul Rudd...

Paul Rudd Photo: paul

Jack Nicholson

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Dustin Hoffman, es un actor y director estadounidense ganador en dos ocasiones del premio Óscar de la Academia de Cine de Hollywood al mejor actor.

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Steve Carell

Фото: Стив Карелл

KingsMEN Spent my Friday the 13th watching these sexy men rather than some BDSM shit. Hahah I kid! #50shades wasn't THAT bad

Always Dress Classy

jack davenport - Google Search

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Jack Davenport (I know he has that lovely English accent) BUT he is my Christian Grey....50 Shades of Grey.

Pictures & Photos of Jack Davenport

Danny Kaye will always have a special place in my heart

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Mike Nesmith

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Larry David as Bernie

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Josh Gates showrunner for SyFy's new paranormal show 'Stranded' @Examiner .com

Josh Gates showrunner for SyFy's new paranormal show 'Stranded'

Josh Gates Destination Truth

Josh Gates Invites Fans to Join His Adventures | Ghost TV Blogs

2pac ...G.O.A.T

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Fight Club


John Malkovich

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Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski

Pictures & Photos from The Big Lebowski (1998)

Stud..Paul Newman

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