take home book bags for those guided reading books - 2 gallon ziplock bags reinforced with duct tape! Going to have to try this!

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Common Core...ask and answer questions

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Asking and Answering Questions freebie!

The Go To Teacher: Time in Anchor Charts


First Grade Fabulosity: Spelling Station Idea!

First Grade Fabulosity: Spelling Station Idea!


**Free** Reading Level Conversion Chart

**Free** Reading Level Conversion Chart


Worksheet for drawing conclusions. ...

Prompts for Drawing Conclusions


MOOOOOOVE your students with this fun, freebie game of 4 corners. Skill-Types of sentences (Declarative, Imperative, Interrogative, & Exclamatory)

Corners Game-Sentences


This is a fun worksheet for kids to practice the skill: fact and opinion using the children's story: The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. This ...

Fact and Opinion using The True Story of the Three Little Pigs


It's time to hone those composition skills! Help your little learner get it "write" with these second grade composition worksheets. These printables will encourage kids to sharpen writing skills just in time for back to school.

Declarative Sentences


Declarative & Interrogative Sentence Freebie

1st Grade Fantabulous: A Seussical Ideas and Freebies Post


I absolutely LOVE these anchor posters. I use them everyday in my classroom. The best part is they are FREE. :)

What the Teacher Wants!: Common Core and You {Part 4}


Discussion tables. Pick a passage from a book you are reading {read aloud, book club book, etc.} and glue it to the center of bulletin board paper and have the students write their thoughts about the passage and respond to their classmates.

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Main Idea vs. Theme Sort! Free download. Plus a blog entry with other great ideas.

Teaching With a Mountain View: Teaching Main Idea Vs. Theme



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This is a great reading chart to have in any grade, including 4th - 8th grade classrooms! It is a chart that talks about goals students have for their reading and when they achieve different steps they can move up on the poster. I think it would be a great incentive in the classroom for kids to want to read more! I would probably make mine a little more colorful and creative, but I love the idea!

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Even though Daily 5 is not station rotations I will definitely use this list of ideas for prompts for the students.

The Second Grade Superkids: Daily 5 Station Ideas


Freebie! This resource contains a lesson for both reading and writing workshops on comparing facts from two nonfiction texts. It also includes a printable graphic organizer and thinkmark for assessment.

Freebie...Compare Facts From Two Nonfiction Texts


Teaching Vocabulary Step By Step!

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Team Stop Signs - Print these stop signs out and use them to help kids refocus when their team becomes noisy or off-task. One minute of reflection time is frequently all it takes!

Corkboard Connections: Stop Team Disruptions


GROUPS Acronym

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Guided Reading Anchor Chart

Anchors Away (Middle School Teacher to Literacy Coach)


Work with Words menu FREEBIE

I Love 2 Teach: Work with Words Menu


Literacy (aka Daily 3 Bootcamp) - modified daily 5 for intermediate- Really good ideas for modifying D5!

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What Does the "Text" Say? Text Evidence Reading Response Printables

What Does the "Text" Say?


Ant Hill Craft to use as a class jigsaw in the shape of an ant hill. Each group would be in charge of teaching about ant: eggs, pupa, larvae, tunnels, food, queen, worker ants, etc. After presenting, we can put them all together in the shape of an ant hill. -jigsaw idea by Tyisha Brooks

123 Homeschool 4 Me: Bug Unit #1 - Ants