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I have now read this book 5 times. the first time I was sad. the second time I had to stop reading for a second. the third time, I felt Silverstream's pain, and the fourth time, I realized exactly how hard it was for Graystripe. the fifth time, I cried for ten minutes in my room. you just get more attached to the characters as you go on.

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And You Let Her Go... by Mizu-no-Akira on deviantART

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Graystripe and silverstream- It's+not+your+fault,

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Graystripe or Silverstream:like to vote silverstream and comment GS to vote graystripe. <3 I liked it :P

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pictures of warrior cats | Graystripe & Silverstream - Warriors (Novel Series) Fan Art (24594411 ...

Warriors (Novel Series) Fan Art: Graystripe & Silverstream