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two sides to every story

There are two sides to every story. Remember to listen to both sides. Judge not others; lest you be judged.

DIY Pantone Easter eggs | How About Orange

These Pantone Easter eggs are perfect for a graphic designer's Easter egg hunt. The eggs, which were made by Jessica Jones of How About Orange, are partially dyed, precisely matched to a Pantone color in Jones' Pantone chip book and then completed

Bubble Wrap Typography by Lo Siento

Bubble Wrap Typography by Lo Siento. I didn't know bubble wrap could be anymore fun than just popping the bubbles.


Idea : Getting your monograms designed, or blended together for a big day, or a lifetime together is something the right typographic designer can do. Imagine this on your towels and notepaper.


Shape over the photograph makes the text easier to read rather than just putting text straight onto the photograph, natural colour scheme - greens, whites and yellows match with the title of the poster "spring break"

this makes me laugh

MISTEAKS Everyone makes mistakes that is how we learn. If we don't make a mistake then we aren't trying new things or taking any chances. Trying and failing is how we improve and learn.

neon edges

neon edges color sharpie on the side to separate classes for those multiple test in one week times - vocab tests.

if_fonts_were_dogs (Hmmm... comic sans.

Funny pictures about If dogs were fonts. Oh, and cool pics about If dogs were fonts. Also, If dogs were fonts photos.

Piano Business Card

Buy 3 Piano Business Card by Progmatika on GraphicRiver. Piano Business Card It’s business card design suitable for any music company, sound studio.

A Short History of the Gif | Moving the Still by LEGS MEDIA. Presented by smartwater

The history of the gif. Presented by SmartWater. In association with Moving the Still: A Gif Festival Directed by Sean Pecknold A LEGS Production