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Lace foil

Lace foil BPS

Hi! Here is another lace mani. This time I will be talking about a foil that I received from Bornpretty store. To reach this effect I had to apply the foil in a different way than usual. Usually I apply the foil glue on my nails and the stick the foil on it. But when I do that there was always some spaces where the foil didn't stick so the design has some "holes". Item: lace foil Price: 1,49 $ Description: 1 sheet of lace foil 4x100 cm. I chose the pattern JQ116. Where you can find it: here…

Black and white navy nail art

Black and white navy nail art (Ninthea's nail art)

Hello everybody! :D The inspiration for today was a picture that I found on Pinterest so I decided to reproduce it. At first I wanted to make a classic red and blue navy nail art but then I saw a blac


End of summer

Hello!! How are you? It's almost 2 weeks that I didn't publish anything. The summer is over, and the days became colder. But I still decided to do a bright mani. I used China Glaze Flip flop fantasy as a base. I love this shade so much! :D On index and middle finger a made a french and painted a white flower with acrylic paint. I added also some black contours and swirls. Here is a picture that I took outside. Thank you for stopping by. :D

Autumn nail art

Autumn's twilight

Hi dear readers! :D How aer you? How was your weekend? Mine was quite busy. It's evening an I have finally some time to dedicate to my blog. For this mani i use the Aura - 423 Broken Paradise and Essence 69 Movin'on. I painted the details with black acrilyc paint and added a rhinestone. It's not a complex mani ut I still like it. What do you think? Thank you for stopping by. ;)

A ray of sunshine on a cloudy day

A ray of sunshine on a cloudy day (Ninthea's nail art)

Hello everybody!! This is the nail art that I have made in combination with he Misslyn silk touch 06. I decided to make a gradient with the lighter color in the middle. Over that I painted some one st

Blue princess

Blue princess (Ninthea's nail art)

Don't pay attention to the title of this post I really didn't have any better idea so I named it Blue princess. Let's focus on the nail art now. The base color is the Golden rose number 39. I have app

Crafty fingers

Crafty fingers (Ninthea's nail art)

Hello!! For this nail art I used some unusual tools for the decoration. I am talking about punches (tools used in scrapbooking to decorate paper)! Since I had some I decided to use one of them for thi

Rose garden

Rose garden (Ninthea's nail art)

Hello! :) I decided to make a rose nail art and since it was a beautiful sunny day I made a lot of photos in my garden. The nail art as itself is very easy. I just applied two coats of Pupa nail po

Glitters & diamonds

Glitters & Diamonds

Hi everyone! Today I am making a review for Born Pretty Store . I have received a few nail art products for reviewing so this is th...

Sugar sugar

Sugar sugar (Ninthea's nail art)

Hello! :D Today I will join again the Matching Manicures Sunday. Today's theme is a skittlette manicure and here is my version. skit·tle·tteNot quite a full skittles look, a skittlette manicure is

Floral french manicure

Floral french manicure (Ninthea's nail art)

Hello everyone! :D I am in the middle of baking process. I am making a cake for my boyfriend's birthday. :) So while my cake in the oven I write this post. I made a french mani on two fingers and on

A sparkle of gold

A sparkle of gold (Ninthea's nail art)

Helloo! :D I feel much better now. Thank you for your comments. :) Here is the nail art I want to share with you today, a red and gold combination. At first I wanted to decorate only the ring finger


Monocromatic (Ninthea's nail art)

Hello!! How are you? I don't feel very well today, I have a cough :( Hope to get well soon. I wasn't sick during the winter while my whole family was... and now in the spring is my turn... :( Here