Make sure they know it was the chair farting and not you.

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I laughed way too hard at this

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Absurd Christmas cards for the whole family.

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Omg Fart Hilarious Image Birthday Paper Card Nobleworks

Omg Fart Redrocket Birthday Paper Card Nobleworks

Farty birthday cards for him!

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Fart During Situps

Fart During Situps Card

Brain Fart

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Keep Calm and Fart

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Old Fart | Egyptian Mummy

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Puppy farts.

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Fart text.

fart. - SmartphOWNED

Another birthday? Hope it's a gas!

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I smell a happy birthday.

Flatulence and Creative Expression Card

Live long and prosper!

Sulu Cut Cheese Card

Hold on boys. I got a wicked one brewing: Hope your Christmas is a blast!

Wicked One Brewing Card

It's your birthday...make some noise!

Clean Air Zone Card

The guard discovered that someone had left an old fart in the elevator: Getting older really stinks... have a happy birthday anyway.

Old Fart Funny Birthday Card

It's Christmas time. Let'er rip!

Rudolph Fart Card

Mime Fart. Silent but deadly: Hope your birthday doesn't stink.

Mime Fart Funny Dirty Card

Birthdays blow.

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Happy Birthday you rockin' old fart!

Born to Fart Card

Sir, please, for the love of Zeus, DO NOT FART! xDD

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bull fart.

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