Nokero Solar

Nokero Solar

Denver, CO / Nokero ("No Kerosene") designs safe, affordable, environmentally-friendly solar products.
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"Some would call me an environmentalist. I don't know why. I reuse the water that falls in my backyard in the winter. I reuse the trash and clippings I produce for mulch. I reuse the rain that falls on my roof, and I reuse the sun that shines on my house for energy. I guess you could call me a strategic opportunist as much as an environmentalist." - Ed Begley, Jr.

iMKIRAN - GIVE THEM LIGHT Campaign to send Nokeros to families that have been displaced by the recent floods.

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Met a very satisfied lady today. She has finally stopped using kerosene lamps after 70 years. #nokero #solarpower #smile #renewableenergy

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