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Good motivation quotes. I should rearrange these and make them my screensaver. BTW, if I remember correctly, those monkeys are Japanese and really cool to learn about.

When I slowly started telling people about quitting my job and traveling for a few months, the reactions were varied, but fell under one of two categories: “Oh man! That’s so awesome!! Tell me more.” And, “Oh, well that’s.. neat?” … Continue reading →


Sisters are like FAT THIGHS ... They stick together wood sign

Hey there ! I figured, whether you are a network marketer or a nurse or a student or a carpenter, don’t you just want to feel happy and to get good vibes in your life? I don’t know about you but I have always been inspired by great thinkers and I love sha

BEWARE I RIDE HORSES  Rustic distressed by CountryAngelRustic, $59.95

BEWARE I RIDE HORSES- Rustic distressed handpainted wood sign, Farm Sign, Barn Sign, Farmhouse Decor, Cowgirl, Framed

...I do agree with this, I believe that in your life there will forever be others that do not like you- without reason or otherwise. If you aren't liked for an unjustified reason then I am sorry but that person doesn't deserve your attention.