I needed discipline and acceptance. Love and to be told I was okay the way I was. I needed a father. I needed to be allowed to transfer schools. I needed to be taught money is not everything and how to choose to save.

Own your truths x Set yourself free . #CiciB #thecrimsonkiss

Own your truths & Set yourself free .

Beau Taplin | Truth

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Regarding relationships, I have just one rule; "Give me truth" -Beau Taplin Telling the truth sets us free.

Jm Storm

Jm Storm-some times a gift, other times a curse.

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Or a confused woman

But, hurt me and, without even thinking twice, I will burn that bridge and never look back...

I don't do detached. I don't play hard to get. If I like you, I'm all in.

This speaks to my soul yo.

excerpt from a book ill never write #51

Its not about being cold hearted its about knowing your value. Always know that forcing a situation to go your way will backfire. Love the moments, and embrace the struggles.

It's really simple✯

Wanna play, we can. I just sucks bc of the true feelings I have for you.

So true for some people. Sad.

Glad that's never been me. Some ppl are so sad.

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