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Asian Folklore

Asian Folklore

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Kirill Chelushkin

Kirill Chelushkin

Kirill Chelushkin

Disruption at the Well of Consciousness, 1998

Jenny Andersen: Offerings | Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

Three jizo - 地蔵 Jizo are bodhisattva who looks over children, travellers and the underworld

Chasing... by RedGella

Chasing... by RedGella on deviantART

Yuki-onna (snow woman) from the Bakemono Zukushi ("monster scroll")

山姥 (Mountain Crone) Yama-uba is a yokai oftentimes confused with Yuki-onna but the two are very different. This one looks like a hideous old woman with long, golden white unkempt hair and she wears a tattered and filthy red kimono. Her mouth can stretch the entire width of her face. She lives in the deep forests of Japan and is said to prey on travelers who get lost in her lair.

Utagawa Hiroshige - “The Ghost of a Blind Female Street Singer”, 19th century. S)

Okesa - Japanese folklore tells the tale of a kind magical cat (possibly a cat yokai or kami) who loved her poor elderly owners so much that, when they were in danger of losing their home, she transformed herself into a beautiful, graceful Geisha and earned enough money for her owners to keep their home and live in comfort. "Like Real Geisha" by ~Daria1977

Like real geisha by Daria1977 on deviantART

A Kappa is a dwarf-like water demon of Japan that resemble shrivelled old-men, with webbed hands and feet, sporting a tortoise shell. An origin for the demons could be they are the ghosts of drowned souls. Any pond or river may have one. They possess immense strength and can easily overpower a human. Although the source of this power comes from the stored water within the dish on their head.

Kappa by Artemis Kolakis | 2D | CGSociety
  • Karuna Grace
    Karuna Grace

    very Gollum-like


Matsuyama's Mirror, Green Willow and Other Japanese Fairy Tales

針女子 (Barbed Woman) Harionago is a frightening female ghoul said to be extremely beautiful. She has extremely long hair tipped with thorn-like barbs which are directly under her control. Wandering around Ehime, Shikoku, it has been said that when she sees a young man, she laughs and when he laughs with her, she will attack him.


Frédéric Clément, The Boy Who Drew Cats (Japanese fairy tale)

Frédéric Clément - The Boy Who Drew Cats (Japanese fairy tale)

çizgili masallar: Frédéric Clément

Chinese folk tale

Illustration by Liz Pulido of a Japanese fairy tale wherein a girl befriends a crow demon in order to save the soul of her sister.

yuki onna, japanese snow ghost by Forest Rogers --

Yuki Onna — Forest Rogers

Kappa - Vincent Hui

audrey kawasaki

древнего Казахстана

The Xiāng Liǔ (相柳): a monster killed by Yǔ the Great. Associated with floods. It had a huge snake body and nine blue human heads.