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8 Foods To Eat During Menstruation Cycle

8 Foods You Should Definitely Eat During Menstruation Cycle (though dairy and meat can be substituted for vegans)

Everybody likes to maintain good health. For that you need to eat right. Top 10 #HEALTHY #foods you should eat EVERYDAY ! In your everyday life, you come across some of the healthy foods to eat that

We found this infographic to be very interesting. So how about some yogurt for todays' breakfast? Food to eat everyday, healthy eating, clean living. Top 10 Healthy food you should everyday.

We always hear how we should "eat out greens", but we really need to eat all the colors to truly be healthy!

Seems nearly impossible to me. But it's definitely something to work on: Eat two food from each color food group Every day. Instead of food groups think of making your plate look like a rainbow. Eat the rainbow!

salad in a jar

Salad in a Jar My note: This is a great idea and any type of salad combination will do. The dressing goes in first. Turn it over and let the dressing cover the salad.then open and eat. This idea can be used for work, schools.and even a picnic.


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