The Brush Off

The Brush Off

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Who wouldn't brush more often if there was a ceramic hippo involved?

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A unique look, for sure, but she's definitely going to need to sanitize that brush.

Rare Photos of Famous People. Part 12 (92 pics)

A toothbrush holding a toothbrush? #mindblown

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Using an old toothbrush for painting is way more fun than using an old toothbrush for cleaning, IMO.

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Toothpaste right in the brush. Space saver!

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I'm partial to the seal.

Once Bitten Toothbrush Holder | Mod Retro Vintage Desk Accessories |

Toothbrushes made from recycled wood, flax or dollar bills (your choice).

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A hygienic toothbrush holder for the whole fam. Plus, if you have pretty toothbrushes, it doubles as wall art!

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If Toothpaste Oscar didn't do it for you, maybe Toothpaste Bubbles will.


Toothpaste is way more fun when it's being squirted out by a cat, am I right? No? Your kids will think so!


For all of the designers (or budding designers) out there!

Pantone Toothcolor Toothbrushes. Set of 5

A magnet strip behind your sink + magnets on the back of your toothbrushes. Never lose your toothbrush again! What, does that only happen to me?

Magnetic Toothbrush Holder

A toothbrush that you can flip over and use as a water fountain? Whoa.

Brush & Rinse Toothbrush Creates Mini Water Fountain


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He'll sanitize your toothbrush before you even know he's in your bathroom. #Ninja


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Owls scare me because sometimes they mistake me for a mouse. But this is cute.

Owl Tree Toothbrush Holder - Urban Outfitters

A banana toothbrush - there's one way to get kids to brush!

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