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Meet Sarah Lauzon

Hi All, I’m Sarah . I go by Cera too but that’s a tangential story . I joined the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild in August 2015 .

Meet Debra Jalbert

I have been a guild member since 2013 (serving two terms as Vice President) and have been quilting for 23 years. Wow, that’s awhile.

Meet Alexis Brandenburger

Hey y’all! I’m Alexis and I’ve been a member of the guild since January of this year. I’m currently in my l.

Meet Frank Palmer

Hi, I've been a guild member for a year, in an effort to socialize a bit, and work just a little bit less. It's been a great way to meet lo.

Meet Marge Cree

Hi, My name is Marge and I’ve been a member of the guild for around 6 years. I guess I was at the right place at the right time when I .

Meet Mary Sorensen

I’m Mary Sorensen, and I’ve been a member of the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild for about three or four years. I joined after teaching a worksh.

Meet Kelly Eskin

I am a self taught sewist - via books and the internet. I have always loved creating and making art. But, nothing clicked until I fell in .

Meet Ashley Pollard

I learned to sew when I was 6 when my mom helped me make my first dress. I've always loved sewing and pottery because it keeps my hands bus.

Meet Caroline Garnier-Janny

Bonjour à tous et à toutes, I am the French lady with a somewhat British accent! Very often I get the question: ‘where are you fro.

Meet Jackie Clark

Creativity is a lifestyle. I am so lucky and blessed to be doing what I love. Got into sewing as an adult. No one in my family sewed.

Meet Beth Schmidt

I am 70 years old and a retired nurse. Retirement is the Best job I've ever had and I highly recommend it! I am happily marri.

Meet Mary Whittaker

I am Mary Whittaker, have been a member of OMQG since 2014 when we moved to Orlando and am the new Community Outreach Chair.