Activity Day Girls

This is a collections of fun ideas for kids ages 8-11. Please feel free to add to it. If you are in YW you can also add ideas, as they are often similar.
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HOW COOL IS THIS? Charity Miles is an app that helps you earn money for your charity every time you walk, bike, or run. You pick the charity, the app tracks your distance, and up to 25 cents per mile is donated on your behalf. click link for details:

human foosball :) fun for youth activity

Book-of-Mormon-bookmark read in 60 days *Great motivator to go with Virtue. Would love for leaders to join in and do it as a team with YW. "Who would like to join me as I start my Book of Mormon reading" Buddy system with a leader would be awesome. Help each other along and gain a stronger relationship as you take the time to "share" your insights.

FREE girls camp songbook download. Camp directors, this is for you! LDS Girls Camp Ideas

15 awesome outdoor summer art projects! These would be so much fun for summer camp!

great link to Which had a Dr. Seuss book that could correlate with each YW value

Youth Games with Purpose...This website also offers free game and other ideas for youth ministry

The Un-Miss America Pageant-really fun party idea that would make a fun YW activity! Four categories and ready-to-print scorecards for the judges. #youngwomen #activity #lds

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust: The Grinch Who FOUND Christmas - The Funnest Church Party Ever!

This woman has the most amazing YW ideas. I especially love the rainbow new beginnings program

Personal Progress: Oh, the Places Youll Go! New Beginnings

A Bushel and a Peck of FUN: New Calling - Activity Days!

Angry Birds Live - Combined YM/YW Activity. Looks like so much fun!!

Really cute YW lesson about the kind of guy you want to marry using candy bars.

YM/YW Combined activities - human battleship and much more

53 Conference Activities for Kids: LDS Scripture Stories App (on iTunes)

This last week for Activity Days, my fab partner, Jessica, put together this darling project to encourage service within our families. Here's what you do: 1. Gather supplies to create wooden star...

Life-Size Guess Who? - Fun Ninja Youth Group Games | Fun Ninja Youth Group Games

Storage Tub Racing - Fun Ninja Youth Group Games | Fun Ninja Youth Group Games

Does this not scream "princess" to you?! Image Source: Instagram user samijo_loves_you

The "Secret Service" Activity: A Lesson in Kindness (*My note: Going to modify this to fit the needs of some of the kids in my Children's Church class considering there's some friction between some of the kids.)

LDS Activity Day Ideas: Modesty