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    Now that the hot Summer months are coming to an end, it's time to start planning your Fall reading list! Curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and check out women's fiction author Brenda Janowitz's picks for the best new Fall books of 2015! And if you missed it, here are her Summer reading recs.

    Flesh, an apocalyptic romance, follows three unlikely companions through the ruins of their former society, fighting zombies and falling in love along the way.

    Marriage is more than it seems, and nobody knows it more than Of Bees & Mist's protagonist. The frighteningly addicting tale follows the adventures of a newlywed couple immersed in the paranormal.

    Set in Sleepy Hollow, Jessica Verday's The Hollow features a missing girl, a mysteriously handsome boy, and a whole lot of spooky twists.

    Laura Whitcomb's A Certain Slant of Light is written from the unique perspective of a teenage ghost who is used to going unseen . . . until a handsome, mysterious boy comes along and changes everything. You won't be able to put this down!

    After regularly admiring wild wolves from the safety of her home, the protagonist of this tale meets a boy who strikingly resembles her favorite animal. You'll love reading about their love affair in Shiver.

    What's a demon slayer to do when her prey is the only man capable of pleasing her in bed? Pleasure Unbound explores the forbidden passion between this ill-fated (but oh-so-right!) pair.

    After dying in a car accident, Betsy (the main character of Undead and Unwed) wakes up with a serious thirst for blood.

    Forget everything you thought you knew about pixies. Need features a handsome pixie with a Christian Grey-like need for sexual fulfillment, and the plot is completely addicting.

    Creepy dolls, cute boys, and possessed sisters: the scarily good Bad Girls Don't Die has it all.

    Love can be a bit complicated when you've got psychic powers, and Run to You: First Sight perfectly captures the struggle. You'll love this novel and its sequels!

    While seducing and destroying men might sound like a fun job to some women, it can get really tiring. Follow a demon through her quarter-life crisis, battle with the underworld, and hunt for a man who can handle her special needs in Succubus Blues.

    Zombie Librarian

    A scholar from a long line of witches must team up with a vampire geneticist when she accidentally summons foes from a dark underworld in the spooky, sexy A Discovery of Witches.

    An enchanting circus tent erected overnight houses many magical mysteries, including two magicians pitted against one another. However, when these two young competitors begin to fall in love, The Night Circus gets interesting . . .

    When you're blessed (or cursed!) with the ability to hear other people's thoughts, life can be a bit noisy. Evermore explores what happens when a young mindreader meets her match in a boy whose thoughts she can't read.

    Hot boys, boarding school, and magical components of a perfect Halloween page-turner, so don't be surprised when you can't put down Fallen.

    Nora Roberts returns with Dark Witch, the first book of her new Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy. Set in Ireland, the story follows a young woman as she is reunited with long-lost family, falls in love with a cowboy, and discovers an evil secret.

    A tale of family, fate, and falling in love, Nightshade follows a female werewolf through spooky situations in her struggle for true love.

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      EVE RABI Author of Romantic Crime Novels

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    When the protagonist of The Dark Divine falls for a boy who's off limits, she awakens a dark magic that could destroy everything she holds dear.

    When the nights grow dark and the wolves begin to howl, there's nothing quite like curling up in front of the fire with a spooky romance novel. If vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and ghouls excite you, then these frighteningly sexy paranormal novels are the perfect reads for your Fall pleasure.

    Read them before you can say "the book was better."

    One night changes the narrator's life forever in Dangerous Temptations as she falls for William, a man twice her age and also known as "Manhattan's royalty."

    A little sex education will spice up your life between the sheets. In More Hot Sex, you're given practical plans, smart advice, and hundreds of sizzling sex tips.