It looks like a sketchbook or a collage, very naturally done, but is still nice and neat, especially because it only utilizes 2 colors instead of a multitude of overwhelming colors.


Fran: Cool use of mediums / collaging, and digital media illustration. The hint of peach toned pink, compliments and accentuates the gray tine images well.

Minimal Fashion Inspiration

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| @gabbyylongmire edit  BLUSH

Digital design ideas and inspiration. Dusty pink and monochrome works a treat. edit BLUSH 7520 C. This black and white photograph is tops too.

illustrationsidee für bilderpostings. nur obere zeichnung though. accent circonflexe

Wie man Inspiration für Modecollagen bekommt

You are creative, but you run out of ideas? I'll tell you how you on INSPIRATION FOR FASHION COLLAGE get - and what is very important how you deal best with inspiration!