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Fun for a Rainy Day, Hot Day, Cold Day, Long Day, and day you want to make a memories with the kids! Lots of fun projects for moms, dads and kids. Crafts, recipes, science experiments, and creative ways to spend quality time with the kids!
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from It's Always Autumn

tissue transfer art {easy kid art project

Tissue transfer art is not only gorgeous, it's totally easy enough for kids to make! Fun kid's art project - perfect indoor activity for rainy days.

tissue transfer art {easy kid art project!} - It's Always Autumn

Balloon Ping Pong - I do this with foam pool noodles. I fill an extra large balloon at a 1 to 2 ratio of helium to air. It floats in slow-motion - at a perfect speed to allow my residents to see it and to respond. We just LOVE it!

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Edible teacup cookies recipe

from One Perfect Day

Kid’s Art – Raised Salt Painting

Put glue on paper in designs, pour salt over it and then drop small watercolor paint droplets and watch the colors grow!

Kid's Art - Raised Salt Painting - One Perfect Day


Perfect stocking stuffer!

To make magic playdough...This recipe makes the softest, squishiest, longest lasting play dough

Perfect stocking stuffer! | How Does She