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This is a per-lude to the great splits video

Jean-Claude Van Damme carrying out his famous split between two reversing trucks: Volvo Trucks - Teaser Live Test 6

This video is amazing, watch what he does. If you put your mind to it, ANYTHING will happen. Just watch

VOLVO TRUCKS-THE EPIC SPLIT FEAT - Published on Nov 2013 Watch Jean-Claude Van Damme carry out his famous split between two reversing trucks. Never done before, JCVD says it's the most epic of splits -- what do you think?

AllPaws is a pet-finding site that attempts to use the same concepts found in dating sites to match shelter animals with prospective owners.

Domesticated animals share a fairly consistent set of differences from their wild ancestors such as smaller brains, smaller teeth, shorter curly tails and lighter and blotchy coats.