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“It’s not all about the education. It’s about the life that I’m living and then who I’m going to be in the future. It gives me hope because Pathway is telling me about my spiritual life and how to live so that I can be good for all those around me, for the community, and for the country that I will serve. Join Moses Conteh as he shares how Pathway has answered his prayers for the desire to build his education and grow spiritually. #LDS #BYUIPathway

“For us as converts, we didn’t have a lot of knowledge of the Book of Mormon. We met with the missionaries for months while we were investigating, and we kept going to church services. But we really felt like there was so much more information, so much more learning that we could do. The Pathway program combined that for us. We were able to finish our schooling, but we’re doing an in-depth study of the Book of Mormon, which is huge for us.”-Andrea & Michael Sontos. #LDS #BYUIPathway

Elios started Pathway with the initial goal to improve his English. What he has received is so much more. #BYUIPathway #Pathway #LDS


Ghanaian Pathway Student - Adeola

Meet the Lemons, Pathway and BYU-Idaho Graduates

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Pathway Fall 2013 Fact Sheet

BYU-Idaho Pathway Interview with President Clark

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    Emmajean Kahumoku

    Hawaii is finally on the map with the "Pathway Program" on the Big Island in Kailua Kona. Our first "gathering" will be Sept. 18, 2014. So far, 50+ students signed up. We are so excited to be a part of this inspired program that will help students like me (age 61) meet my longtime goal of achieving a degree. WOW!

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Bachelor's Degree in Business Management Online at BYU-Idaho

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Earn a degree in Business Management-Entrepreneurial Management from BYU-Idaho Online Degrees.

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Pathway Provides Opportunity for a Brighter Future - Church News and Events

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Pathway Fact Sheet - Wow! Look how we've grown!

Check out the BYU-Idaho Alumni Webcast Series, especially the Book of Mormon webcast from March 2013 and the upcoming Successful Scripture Study webcast on June 19, 2013!

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