Phoebe Gutierrez

Phoebe Gutierrez

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So many assume they know what you're thinking, how you're feeling, your opinions on things. Your true feelings could be the total opposite of those they are projecting on you. And they'll never know.

Great way to motivate yourself to be healthy and fit. Page dedicated to all fit people and dieters of pinterest. Start with healthy eating, since exercise, drinking plenty of water, and get a Contouring Inch Loss Body Wrap at LASH Eyelash Studio and Spa.

1 Corinthians sometimes we dont really realize who that bad association is until it becomes to late :-/ I always learn my lessons the hard way....but Jehovahs guidance is pretty clear its just up to us to constantly evaluate ourselves and our situation!

Friendship is supposed to be a two-way street.. When you find yourself on the same dead end road over and over, maybe it's time to find a new street to travel on!

Sometimes friendships end because people grow apart. Other times, they end because people are assholes and you deserve better.