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All right, everyone...*just* emerging from my very first viewing of "Fifty Shades of Grey" (courtesy of the visiting love o' my life), and wouldn't you know it, I spent much of the time questioning the scenery placement (young "Mr. Grey"'s condo bldg. being situated 4 blocks up the street from my office, etc.)... proof that I'm old, pathetic, or...? ;-)



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Funny enough, if this makes me an introvert or not I don't know. But at home I like being in my room alone just listening to music and reading in the evenings. Relaxes me, makes me just think.


Life Quotes

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Live Life Happy: "Sometimes you have to take your own advice and apply it to your own problems." - Unknown

Sometimes You Have to Take Your Own Advice - Live Life Happy

One of the best feelings in the world is watching things finally start falling into place after having watched them fall apart for so long.

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Often times; this is quite true !

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