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Geisha performing Traditional Japanese Dance with Fan - see in Kyoto in spring

Geisha performing Traditional Japanese Dance with Fan - seen in Kyoto in spring. When i visit Japan, will definitely not miss the KABUKI. I think they are the most graceful performers next to the ballet dancers. This fan dance is in my "must watch list"

Japanese Etiquette: The Dos and Don’ts of Mealtime

Whether you're traveling to Japan or joining some Japanese friends for a meal, make sure you know some basic Japanese etiquette.

traditional japanese colors in japan kimono colors More

Guide to Japanese colors. -- Japan, colors as a social status, kimono color according to the month, traditional color names, Japanese lesson

BI_Graphics_11 Japanese customs that are shocking to foreigners

In the mid sugarcane plantations in Hawaii created a unique cultural diaspora of Japanese immigrants, my family included. I loved visiting Japan and am very passionate about Japanese culture.