Doctor who can change the way you think...

You know you're a whovian when you mistaken a shower sign for a Dalek. <--- omg that's a shower sign?

The story of River Song :(

The story of River Song

Oh the River Song feels .Darn it River! Your story rips my heart out every.time i think about it. Looking at this backwards really shows how she fell in love with the Doctor :'(

we are all stories

I can't help myself, digital Doctor Who art. River's face in books. "We're all stories in the end.

"Raggedyman" - if Disney animated Doctor Who This is adorable

'Raggedyman' - The Doctor and River Song in a very Disney style, by James Hance. Totally copied off the Paperman short, and i love it.


That River Song. Her hair is full of Spoilers. Mean girls/Doctor Who mash up!


Star Wars/ Doctor Who crossover This was definitely what they were thinking at these moments

I love them together

River Song and the Doctor-- the moment you realize he really does love her.also the moment he realizes he's about to loose her (because she's a professor now)

River and 11.


Rain Gods depicted the Doctor and River as a semi-normal couple. With the Doctor taking his wife out ok a date, where they attempt to have no guns or running involved.

River Song's book of spoilers..

River Song's book from Doctor Who - Page 2 Awesome Doctor Who art book. Link goes to the forum where the creator discusses the process and shows an early prototype. Need excellent tips on arts and crafts? Head out to this fantastic site!


Oh my gosh. Took me a sec to realize who he was laughing at