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First saw this game at Cat & Mouse Games in Chicago and loved it! It is a huge hit in our Southern California programs. We need to get more of these!


AWESOME GAME! A staff and student favorite! The perfect Cognitive Processing Speed game for Sharp As A Tack!

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One of the most loved games in Sharp As A Tack's CPS curriculum! So much fun!

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So thankful Discover Bay Games picked up Simplexity! Just a perfect fit four our Thinking Skills curriculum! It also is an amazing visual perception game! Truly one of the best games ever!

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LOVE RATUKI!!!!!!!!! A perfect fit for our CPS curriculum!

Hasbro Games | Hasbro Gaming

From one of our favorite people, Mary Jo Reutter, Buck Buck Moose became an instant staple in our Cognitive Processing Speed curriculum! No game has made a bigger splash in our programs than Buck Buck Moose! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!

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Our younger students LOVE Zingo 1-2-3!

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One of our All-Time favs! A great combination of Cognitive Processing Speed and word skills! There are sooooo many ways to modify Smart Mouth!

Smart Mouth | Thinkfun

We also first saw Swish at Toy Fair 2011 and couldn't wait for its release! We have found so many fun ways to use this with all ages! The box says 8+ but our 4-6 year-olds love this game!

Swish™ - Thinkfun

A Tic Tack & Thumb Tack favorite!

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From our friend Joyce Johnson, Cartoon It! is GREAT!

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Another fav!

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Tipover is my absolute favorite ThinkFun game and such a great fit for Sharp As A Tack!


ThinkFun's signature game! A true classic! I was up late in bed last night playing Rush Hour on my iPhone!

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Amazing deductive reasoning builder!

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Saw Tilt for the first time a year ago at Toy Fair 2011 in NYC and immediately introduced it to our students!


ThinkFun games has significant exposure within near all Sharp As A Tack programs. A few companies seem to have a very natural fit with our curriculum - ThinkFun is toward the top of that list. Pathwords is one of our new favs!

PathWords™ - Thinkfun

Game inventor Greg Zima first showed us Party Gras at ASTRA last year. We have found so many uses for this game and very much looking forward to using it in our Spring Break and Summer Camps this year!

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We were thrilled to meet Randy from Zobmondo at this year's ChiTag and have them part of The PLAY WITH PURPOSE Conference! That is the day we learned about The Ladybug Game - an instant favorite of our Tic Tack & Thumb Tack students!

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Beautiful, elegant, portable and AMAZING! Six is on my list of Top Ten Games of All-Time!


Stumbled into this game last year. It sat in our game chest for awhile until David from FoxMind played it with me at ASTRA. Such a simple concept but a great strategy game!

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One of the best games of all time!

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Pentago is simply one of the best games of all time! Pentago Multi-Player is AMAZING!!!!!!!

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One of our favorite finds in 2011!

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Peacable Kingdom may be our favorite new company of 2011! We met them at ChiTag and instantly fell in love with their cooperative games! Their games are so attractive and SO well made! Hoot Owl Hoot is one of my favorites! With the addition of our Tic Tack (Pre-K) program, cooperative games have become a very important part of our curriculum.

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