Then-Prince George (later King George V) and then-Princess Mary (later Queen Mary) pose with their brood of six little royals, Princess Mary, Prince John, Prince Henry, Prince George, Prince Edward and Prince Albert in 1906.

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A rare photo showing all of King George V and Queen Mary's children in the later childhood or teens. Back row : Prince Albert, Prince Edward and Prince Henry; front row : Prince John, Princess Mary and Prince George. circa 1915

King George V and Queen Mary's children

March 1863. The Royal Family is arranged around a bust of Albert, the late Prince Consort. Standing (left to right) - Princess Alexandra of Denmark, Princess of Wales (1844-1925); Prince Albert Edward, Prince of Wales (1841-1910); Princess Helena (1846-1923): Grand Duke Louis of Hesse (1837-1892). In front (left to right) - Princess Alice (1843-1878); Queen Victoria (1819-1901); Princess Beatrice (1857-1944); Prince Leopold (1853-1884); Princess Victoria, Crown Princess of Prussia (1840-1901...

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Princess Louise, left, with mother Queen Victoria and sister Princess Alice, 1863. Another mourning photograph for Prince Albert - his gilt-framed portrait stands behind Louise.

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Gloria Vanderbilt and Anderson Cooper chart their family landscape in a new documentary and a memoir.

The Story of Their Life

Ensemble 1830

Ensemble | American or European | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Paris Time Capsule Apartment… Abandoned Hotel went untouched for 70 years.

The Paris Time Capsule Apartment…


2010 October 24 — City Farmer News

Prince Albert

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Dowager Empress Marie Feodorovna of Russia, at Hvidore House (the house she shared in Denmark with her sister, Alexandra). circa 1911.

Royaland - longliveroyalty: Dowager Empress Marie...

Hvidøre, the facade towards Øresund. It was the home of Maria Feodorovna after she was exiled from Russia in 1917.

Hvidøre (building)

Queen Alexandra and Maria Feodorovna at Hvidøre, c. 1910

Hvidøre (building)

Harper's Bazaar 1943, Lauren Bacall styled by Diana Vreeland. Slim Keith (then married to producer Howard Hawks) brought Bazaar to her husband, convinced Lauren would be perfect as Slim Browning in To Have and Have Not having no idea Lauren was a trained actress. She and Bacall became lifelong friends.

Lauren Bacall on Harper’s Bazaar: “The Twist of Fate That Changed My Life Forever” | The Sheila Variations

A whole house for a canvas: Mrs. Lajosne Vargacz sits before a bedroom mural painted with the help of her neighbors at Kalocsa, Hungary. Such folk art, once common in the region, today has few practitioners. Cane-and-feather duster resembles the long-handled paint brushes the artists used to decorate hard-to-reach heights." April 1971 National Geographic.

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circa 1870 two ladies all decked out, wild hats and parasols!! from the Metropolitan

Unknown | [Two Women] | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Cheshire | Treasure Hunt

England, c.1610-1615. Linen embroidered with silk and silver thread. Worn by Margaret Layton, wife of the king’s Yeoman of the Jewel House, in a painting by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger. V Museum |

Philippa Montague

Margaret Layton and her embroidered jacket 1600 @ Victoria and Albert Museum - British Galleries

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17th century embroidered jacket and painting. Victoria & Albert Museum, May 2003.This is the earliest known example of a textile shown in a painting where both the painting and the textile still exist. It slightly post-dates the Elizabethan period – the jacket was made in 1610 and altered in 1620. The sitter is Margaret Laton and the painting is attributed to Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger.

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Philadelphia Museum of Art - Collections Object : Grace Kelly's Wedding Headpiece, 1956

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A 7 year old Robert De Niro

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Previous pinner said : Fashion in Paris and London Around 1900 A series of beautiful photographs showing street fashion around 1900.

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Rose Kennedy (center) with her daughters Kathleen and Rosemary when they were presented to King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1938.

It's not a title, it's an appellation., Rose Kennedy (center) with her daughters Kathleen...

Photograph of Queen Elizabeth (born 1926),, with her mother Duchess of York (1900-2002)

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Lovely tailoring on her suit! 1920s Virginia Historical Society, Courtesy of Celia Estes,

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