Sentient - The look

What do the Sentient look like when they possess human bodies? Do they manifest tribal markings like tattoos to identify the different clans? How do they move? Where ever they are they will manifest a look and design to be able to live and fit in with that environment. The look of the aliens, how they inhabit human form is the critical defining issue. It’s not just about FX make-up or FX. It is the body movement and acting. The series HUMAN demonstrates how that can make such a difference.
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New York-based, British artist Anthony McCall practices in the fields of film, installation, sculpture and drawing. “Solid Light Films and Other Works” was the name of his first solo show which just ended at the EYE Film Institute .

Solid Light Films by Anthony Mccall

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Fiber Optic Hoodie

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nothing like the feeling of being underwater

100 THINGS TO DO. Go swimming. Do some laps in the pool. Try swimming the breast stroke, back stroke, freestyle, or butterfly.

James Turrell's light installation.

James Turrell’s light installation, where an empty room cycles beteen this blue color and red

Light installation, by Chris Fraser

Brilliant Light Beam Art, Made Using The Oldest Trick In The Book

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ELLE Canada December 2015 – Kristin Zakala by Owen Bruce: myfashion_diary