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Norwegian Forest Cats have large, expressive almond-shaped eyes giving the face an intelligent, curious and attentive demeanor. They are energetic, strong & resilient a with doubly layered down coat made for the winter snow. Their muscular legs allow them to climb down trees head-first, which is a capability unique to this breed. Due to their durability, exceptional mousing skills, and general epic nature & appearance, Vikings brought their 'Wegies' along on crusades as mascots & companions.


Polish nurse cat may be the cutest medical practitioner in history

On the lookout

Allen County Public Library Enterprise Redirect

artist's assistant

Dual Purpose Space

Cat And Lynx Become Inseparable Friends.

Lynx Is Not Alone Anymore

Savannah cat As you can see, these cats are very large. It must take a lot to fill their tummies, and we won't even mention what comes out of the back end. Anyone who wants to buy an exotic breed should look up their information regarding health, how long they live, how safe they are, and what to feed them.

Baby Cute Little Cats: This is a cat I would love to have!

泳ぐ猫ーEverybody wants to be a dog! #cat #animal #cute #water #funny #instamood #iphone

Be Freezing

BE FREEZING | Cutest Paw

* I laughed uncontrollably at this for so long that Zeb finally came into the room to see what I was laughing about....he told me that I must be either very pregnant or very tired...I think perhaps both, but this would still be hilarious to a non-pregnant, well-rested Kate Stock!

Happy Friday friends ~ batcat!!!!

Batcat... - The Meta Picture


Amazing shot

2 kitties make a heart!

Kitty Love [PIC]

chocolate kitteh

omg my 2 favorite things...cats and hammocks! the kitty even looks like my finfin <#

Handimania | Facebook

I love the smell of fall

CyBeRGaTa - Cats, Memes, New Mexico

Lion Mane Cat Dog Hat FULL MANE The Lion by iheartneedlework, $30.00

wandi's soup/blog

Super Kitty

Captain Ameripup!

It needs my kisses

Where Shall We Go Today?


Sleepy kitty