Things that make me happy swinging on swings.

Sacha Van Dorssen

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that moment when the sun kisses your hair during magic hour in your car

I'm a sucker for this classic kind of portrait.neon lit busy city treet below, reclining pensive female on a balcony above.

No one else will leave tonight

girls and guns by petra collins: Photo

damienmaloney: “ Ali, 2013 ” Photo: Damien Maloney Me.


mothers and children dancing ring around the roses / Vintage Movement

Jane & Serge.

Couple Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin - noir et blanc - black and white - iconic

Disposable Magazine

Jimmy Marble sendo apaixonante - Don't Touch My Moleskine

girl, cry, and photography image

~ Vogue Italia October 1996

THOSE prada tights and mary janes! “A Life in the Theatre”: Kate Moss, Fenn and Piers photographed by Bruce Weber for Vogue Italia, October 1996

petra bring

petra bring rainbow crystal light on your face

There is a group of teens at the park, sitting on swings and talking. Your character notices fifteen-year-old Brynn a couple swings away, swinging by herself. She appears to be with the group, but is not engaged in their conversation.

the Blue Light


29 ways to stay creative: begin with darkness.