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Nike Roshe Run White:: I really do understand how unpractical they are (being all white and all).. but it doesn't make me want them any less *sad face*

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See all the accessories, jewelry, shoes, purses, and more detail photos from the Louis Vuitton Fall 2015 Menswear fashion show.

Dratini Cosplaying As Dragonite, Vulpix Cosplaying As Ninetails, Growlithe Cosplaying As Arcanine, Totodile Cosplaying As Feraligatr, Psyduck Cosplaying As Golduck, Meowth Cosplaying As Persian, Abra Cosplaying As Alakazam, And Mew Cosplaying As Mewtwo

Pokemon wearing evolution hoodies, except for mew. I guess mew just really likes mewtwo.

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Rucksack The Ultimate Backpack von Marc by Marc Jacobs - buy it on fablife.de

Rucksack The Ultimate Backpack von Marc by Marc Jacobs - buy it on fablife.

Eeveelutions (some of them are not real)

Eeveelutions w/ Eeveelution ideas - love the ideas, like the jousting metal type eeveelution!// The fighting type appeals to me most