GoBoiano - 17 Things All Anime Fans Have Felt Before

unless you are going to an anime convention or being around other otaku. Then the light of the anime shall spread to those lands!) is also manga. Social life is also gaming>

Last night after all my friends (2 people so many I know right) I stayed up until 8 watching fairy tale,black butler,naruto,blue exirsist,and attack on titain ya I burned the next day

I stayed up until in the morning watching fairy tale,black butler,naruto,blue exorcist,and attack on titian ya I burned the next day

Funny Memes -

XD the anime glasses thing. So funny XD whoever originally typed the thing above please stop using XD this has been a psa

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Kaori Miyazono & Kousei Arima - Your Lie in April,Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso