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Amusing Greeting Cards

A collection of greeting cards I just find amusing...

Amusing Greeting Cards

  • 23 Pins

Can you honestly look at this kid, and not smile? People Who Make Me Laugh - Funny All Occasion Card

One of my favorite cards of all time. Great photo, classic quote! "Opportunity may knock only once, but temptation leans on the doorbell." Opportunity May Knock - Greeting Card

Opportunity May Knock - Greeting Card - from

Been there? I'll bet so.... A Laugh Is the Shortest Distance - Card

A Laugh Is the Shortest Distance - Card - from

How can you not smile, when you look at this card? People Who Make Me Laugh - Funny All Occasion Card.

Too Much Of A Good Thing - Funny Birthday Card

Now, who looks the most guilty here? Going To Make My Own Card - Funny Birthday Card

To Live Is So Startling - Funny Greeting Card "To live is so startling that it leaves little time for anything else." ~ Emily Dickinson

Life Is Short. Drink Good Wine - Funny Birthday Card

check out this classic photo! Happy? The Only Way To Get Old - Funny Birthday Card

Really funny photo - and a rather bizarre pairing for a quote: Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places - Greeting Card

I laugh at this every time I see it.....Opportunity May Knock Only Once, But Temptation Leans on the Doorbell - Greeting Card

Doesn't Being Normal Just Drive You Crazy? - Greeting Card

Anyone Can Be Cool - Quotable Card... I've seen this lots of times, and it still makes me smile every time.

Anyone Can Be Cool - Quotable Card - from

If They Can Send One Man To The Moon Why Can't They Send Them All? - Funny Greeting Card

Great quote, fun card... Dance Like No One Is Watching - Borealis Press Greeting Card

A great birthday card for middle-aged men (even though it's not actually a birthday card). Boys Will Be Boys - Borealis Press Greeting Card.

What Good Can Come - Borealis Press Card I sure felt like this today...and yesterday, come to think of it.

My Life To Live Again - Borealis Press Card funny, funny quote...

Thoreau again... but funny

You gotta look closely on this one... and the quote says it all.

Mr. Sunshine says....

Not really sure who this reminds me of - Rhoda or Elaine - but it's a crackup

We Have A Good Time Together - Greeting Card - from

Act normal...