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*Health (and beauty) loves a neutral body!* 1. Balancing pH is key to maintaining healthy inner (and outer) environment. pH is about levels of acidity and alkalinity, where a below 7 score indicates acidity and above 7 indicates alkalinity; 2) An Acidic Environment is the Perfect Home for Unwanted Organisms; 3) An Alkaline pH Helps Maintain Bone Mass and Reduces Body Fat; 4) Proper balance helps fight the aging process; 5) Choose the right foods to counter-balance your deficiences.

Alkaline Ph Chart laminated

from mindbodygreen

How to Balance Your pH to Heal Your Body

PH levels and the importance of alkaline levels. Details on what acidity does to each system in our bodys. Healthy fascinating read!

How to Balance Your pH to Heal Your Body

from One Green Planet

Acid or Alkaline? The Real Deal On Your Body’s pH Levels

Balance is important, but Alkaline PH is what Cancer cannot survive in. So make sure you eat Alkaline foods daily.

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