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From the Adirondacks to the Olympics and back Women's Hockey, Hockey Players, Moving To Boston, Saranac Lake, Olympic Sports, Local Women, Winter Games, Young Female, Winter Olympics

From the Adirondacks to the Olympics and Back

Andrea Kilbourne-Hill was born and raised in Saranac Lake, and is now doing the same with her own family. But between those bookends, Kilbourne-Hill has earned a degree from Princeton and a silver medal in Olympic women's hockey. And while that may...

Ice Fishing in Saranac Lake Crappie Fishing, Carp Fishing, Ice Fishing, Saltwater Fishing, The Best Bet, Catfish Bait, Saranac Lake, Brown Trout, Trout

Ice Fishing in Saranac Lake

By Guest Writer Mike Crawford The lake and mountain country of the Adirondacks offers excellent ice fishing. Saranac Lake has several nearby lakes that offer ice anglers convenient and good ice fishing opportunities. The coldest place in the North...

Snowshoe the Saranac Lake Region Xc Ski, Trail Signs, Saranac Lake, Snowshoe, Cross Country Skiing, Vacation Destinations, Dog Friends, Great Photos, Travel Around

Snowshoe the Saranac Lake Region

Submitted by guest blogger Eileen Mowrey Let's be honest, it's easy to complain about winter. It's cold, the roads can get a little snowy, and many of your favorite activities get put on hiatus. But why wait for the snow to melt to have fun? Embrace...

Wild Saranac Lake Snowshoeing | Saranac Lake, Adirondacks Saranac Lake, Old Train Station, Evergreen Forest, Winter Hiking, Cross Country Skiing, Family Adventure, Travel Around, Wilderness, Pond

Wild Saranac Lake Snowshoeing

Wild Saranac Lake Snowshoeing | Saranac Lake, Adirondacks

'Tis the Season Winter Festival, Holiday Festival, Classic Christmas Songs, Saranac Lake, Fireworks Show, Winter Fun, Special Guest, Tis The Season, Choir

'Tis the Season

'Tis the season to get out and celebrate the holidays and all things winter. Good thing Saranac Lake has no shortage of winter. In fact, we specialize in it! You might have heard of our annual Winter Carnival, which is a ten-day spectacle that...

Saranac Lake Adventure Travel Saranac Lake, Forest Bathing, Canoe And Kayak, Cross Country Skiing, Hiking Trails, Travel Around, Adventure Travel, Walking Paths

Saranac Lake Adventure Travel

Adventure by definition is "an exciting or remarkable experience," immediately followed by the add-on, "usually involving danger and unknown risks." How risky you want to get is up to you, but we promise a visit to Saranac Lake is not complete...

Three Fantastic Fall Hikes in Saranac Lake Carnivorous Pitcher Plant, Saranac Lake, Blueberry Bushes, Lake Champlain, Bouldering, Travel Around, Pond, Hiking, Fall

Three Fantastic Fall Hikes in Saranac Lake

Ah, Saranac Lake. Where else can you be sitting on a mountain in the morning and be bopping along to a live band in the evening? This is a village that prides itself on being welcoming. Sure, there's a young, hip vibe to our downtown and its many...

Norman Ridge Ride | Saranac Lake, Adirondacks Franklin Falls, Big Blue House, Saranac Lake, Fish Creek, Ridge Road, Make Way, Four Corners, Travel Around, Norman

Norman Ridge Ride

Biking from Saranac Lake to Norman Ridge Road and back is a ride that takes me back to my home-grown roots. Every view along the way is a view I've seen my entire life. They are views that I may not see as frequently now, but they do more for me than...

 Pisgah: The Adirondacks’ Finest Uphill Bike Park Saranac Lake, Bike Parking, Plan Your Trip, Travel Around, Mountain Biking, Pond, Skiing, Summertime, Trail

Mt. Pisgah: The Adirondacks’ Finest Uphill Bike Park

Submitted by blogger, Eric Adsit In mountain biking there are many ups and downs, literally. Ask anyone who bikes and they'll tell you without hesitation that the downs are the best. Darting between trees, banking turns on berms, launching off jumps...

Hiking Haystack | Saranac Lake, Adirondacks Steep Staircase, Last Mile, Saranac Lake, City Slickers, Landmark Hotel, Immersive Experience, Forest Floor, Mountain Hiking, Tree Tops

Hiking Haystack

Elevation: 2,878 feet Level: Moderately challenging with very steep final ascent Distance: 3.3 miles one way (6.6 miles in total) Trail type: There-and-back I am an unabashed city person accustomed to walking the hard surfaces of broken sidewalks...

It's All Good at the Saranac Lake Skateboard Park Saranac Lake, Rage Against The Machine, Its All Good, Skate Park, Thrasher, New Tricks, Mood Quotes, Rhode Island, Travel Around

It's All Good at the Saranac Lake Skateboard Park

There's nothing quite like the sound of skateboard wheels on cement against a backdrop of "Know Your Enemy" by Rage Against the Machine. If you grew up in the '90s, it's a classic thrasher scene: music blasting from speakers, young people hanging out,...

A Week’s Worth of Nightlife in Saranac Lake Sliding Garage Doors, Local Art Galleries, A Fine Romance, Saranac Lake, Party Spread, Stucco Walls, Outdoor Seating Areas, Brew Pub, Classic Cocktails

A Week’s Worth of Nightlife in Saranac Lake

Author: Eileen Mowrey Walk the streets of Saranac Lake during the day and you'll find local art galleries, charming coffee shops, and a wide variety of eclectic boutiques. It's the scene you expect in a picturesque mountain town. Step out downtown at...

Paddle Lower Saranac Lake to Fish Creek Ampersand Hotel, Saranac Lake, Fish Creek, Local Brewery, Cedar Trees, Sky And Clouds, Outdoor Seating, Travel Around, Paddle

Paddle Lower Saranac Lake to Fish Creek

We set out early for a morning paddle on Fish Creek. We planned to paddle a half day, then head into town for lunch at Left Bank Caf?, followed by a massage. We really needed a break from our hectic lives, a day or two to completely let go and just...

Cycling Loops in Saranac Lake Forest Hill, Forest House, Franklin Falls, Three Lakes, Saranac Lake, Plan Your Trip, Great View, Travel Around, Cycling

Cycling Loops in Saranac Lake

Looking to take to the pavement with your road bike? We have four decidedly different loops to ride! Whether you're looking for a leisurely ride close to downtown or a longer adventure, we have it here for you. Three Lakes Loop 31.4 miles - 1,961 feet...