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Teenager Post - I like wearing big sweaters. Not cause they're all comfy & cuddly, but when the sleeves are really big I get to flop them around & smacks people.

Every time

It's funny cuz nemo isn't the main character<< Nemo may not be the main character but at least you con feel like the hero because you found Nemo<<i never thought of it that way. i usually am like 'oh a reincarnate of nemo, how nice'

It's true

Funny pictures about You know real pain if. Oh, and cool pics about You know real pain if. Also, You know real pain if.

That is 100% true it happens every time

My life. Emphasis on the teenager

Haha yup!

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Funny pictures about Fluffy Socks. Oh, and cool pics about Fluffy Socks. Also, Fluffy Socks photos.


When you hear your parents say your name in conversation so you secretly try to listen.

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Teenager Post # 16963 - This is the most puzzling problem of man's existence quite frankly.

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Everyday wen I sit down,and notice my leg,s spread half way across the couch. It makes me feel like they don,t look so huge LOL ! Are there any other {curvy} ladies that have this struggle ?

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Funny thing, I stole the Oreo box from the kitchen and hid it in my room. Guess why we're not allowed to but Oreos any more.

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Teenager Post IMAGINE: you're home alone and you sneeze. Suddenly the phone rings and when you answer.someone whispers "Bless you" and hangs up.

Omg all the time

The poem above my desk

Omg this is so me every min on the school bus every morning on the way to skol ha ha :L

everyday xD


Teenager Posts yessss all the Time!

And then in the middle of math class we all jump on tables to see outside and start screaming

Right now it's raining, well, more like pouring

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