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All The Steps Of Getting Your Hair Cut Short!

You did once.

You did once.

i grinned as he scowled. it was a beautiful expression on him; hate made his face that much more vibrant, contrasting sharply with the softness and delicacy of his features. "and you know what? if you try hard enough, you can again."

Wet and dry anger. Best description ever.---- I usually end up with wet anger cuz if I use dry anger....I'd probably end up in the principals office or if I'm at home.....I would be banned from EVERYTHING!!!!

Things I find of interest. None are by me, all credit goes to the artists, models and amateurs who created them. NSFW and I blog/reblog what appeals to me. Follow because you like and I do not...

Feel free to search tags!Hope i have something for you! I am Sofia, an introvert from Greece. I write, draw, sing, play the guitar, observing the world constantly. I admire colors, art, architecture and everything that gives me a deep feeling of...