Only pinning bc Gurl if I have enough time to jump in front of you you have enough time to move out of da fricking way

To clarify, I mean a Nerf bullet, because if I have time to jump in front of you, then you have time to move.

Haha yup ;) xD lol...

Sometimes it scares me how in sync our weirdness is. My friends and are are usually in sync with our weirdness


Awesome Quotes: Fake Friends vs Real Friends is my real friend acctualy my best friend in the whole world!

Pillow Fights: Friends vs. Best Friends

Pillow Fights

So Relatable - Funny GIFs, Relatable GIFs Quotes Friend from Best Friend. My best friends and I always have this problem. Lol best pillow fight of all time,

My best friends problems are my problems. @Rebekah Ahn Ahn Ahn Cornell always there to stick up for you and support you!

My best friends problems are my problems quotes friendship quote friends best friends bff friendship quotes teen friend quotes teen quotes bffs best friend quotes


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As much as I wish this was true, I know it won't happen, but sometimes it is worth a try

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If I give up drinking, I'll replace it with murdering

Fake friends...and some are pretty only because of their clothing (push ups anyone?) lol #true #fake #friends

Friends are like Boobs. Friends are like Boobs. Friends are like Boobs.

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Luv all my FRANDS! (Bob Haley karsyn Libby rylee and Katie)

Here are the top 10 quotes for best friends. There& nothing like having a true best friend and these quotes are perfect to show your appreciation for your best friend.

me, @Avery Lukowski , @Brooke Williams Caton , @Betsy Buttram Bovee , @Sarah Chintomby curtis , @Gabriella Denizot Lanzone , @Michelle Flynn Garrett, @Makayla Jennings Horne @Jaclyn Booton Breeze @Natalie Jost Tascione !!!!!!!!!!

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@Lexy B @Erica Buntain @Zoe Orndorff my life wouldn't be complete without you ya guys and hope to never loose you!!

dear bestfriend, I honestly don't know what I would do without you friendships friendship love girls best friends forever and always quotes quote sayings saying Hrubec Schmeltzer Schmeltzer Schmeltzer rodgers

Crush / iFunny :)

I can't risk it. I asked my crush out yesterday and I can't risk it

luv u frindzzzzzz @vishwakhanpara @kathawalasana12  -$V@shi

Me and my best friend actually lived next door for a looong time! That's how we met :)>> my friends and I

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break her heart and I'll break your face. I'm not kidding of you hurt her heart or her, watch out. I'm tall and I'll break you.

A best friend is the only one who will help you bury a body without an explanation

Looking for funny friendship quotes? Than stop searching and check out our collection of best funny quotes about friends. These funny sayings about friends and friendship are guarantee to make you laugh out loud.

I get by with a little help from my best friend.

20 Quotes That Prove Your BFF Is Your Sister From Another Mister

Kaylee I love you so much! You always belive in me even when I don't belive in me❤ I am so glad i met you no one could ever be a better sister/best friend in the whole wide world! Love you! Ur the sister I never had!

When I say I won't tell anyone, my best friend doesn't count.

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When I say I won't tell anyone, my best friend doesn't count. So true. No matter what it is I tell my best friend everything so If someone tells me something they better expect that my best friend will know whatever u said