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the white chest & paws on this orange kitty is amazing. what a regal kitten!!

Blue-Gem Ragdoll photo Gallery - Photos of Ragdoll Cats and kittens

Lifespan of Ragdoll cats is very much similar to most of other cat breeds.Ragdolls are such an amazing creatures that falling in love with them is inevitable.They are beautiful,affectionate,naughty and loving.A healthy Ragdoll cat normally has a lifespan of 10-16 years.

Gorgeous Maine Coon Cat ♥

Physical Attributes of Turkish Angora Cats - #Differentcats- See more stunning Persian Cat Breeds at!

persian cat

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cat scratch fever

kitty bunk beds

This fuzzy cat bun. | 23 Insanely Clever Products Every Cat Owner Will Want

Oh no! Origami Cat invasion! Run for your lives! Photo via Confuddling or What?!

Beautiful black cat

Beautiful ragdoll cat. ღ(。◕‿◕。)ღ

Like Mama, Like Kitten

What A Beautiful Maine Coon

CATS do this!



no really... #funny #cat. And why should you be different from the rest of us? You mangy fat cat!

black and white cat | Black and white cats_edited

The kitty has a point...