Boston, MA: Liz & Don {Engaged}

When Liz & Don met about five years ago, the timing wasn't right. He was in Connecticut, she was in New Hampshire and they were in different points of their lives. In spite of all that, a slow, gradual friendship grew. At first it was long distance as Liz was finishing college. They stayed in touch in passing, the occasional conversation here and there. When she came back to Connecticut, the conversations started getting longer. Soon they discovered how much they had in common. But is was in those in-between moments that they realized that what they were developing was more than a friendship. It was in the phone calls when neither of them wanted it to end, talking well into the night. It was in the few minutes they would linger together before saying goodnight at the end of a date. In the way that both of them knew that there was no other place they would want to be than more than right next to one another. In the way that it didn't even matter if there was nothing at all to do. Because wasting time with one another was all they ever wanted to do. And four years later, that's exactly what Don asked Liz to do. After seeing their favorite band, Phish, perform up in Albany, NY., they headed back to where they were staying. She was distracted, getting ready to go to sleep and didn't even realize at first that he had started to play "their" song, "Waste" by Phish. Eventually she happened to look over and spot something on the nightstand. It was a box. With a ring inside. And next to it was a note, with a few words written on it - a message taken from the song. "Will you waste your time with me?" it said. Don's unique way of asking Liz to spend the rest of her life with him, doing exactly what they do best - just enjoying being together. How could she say anything but "Yes"?
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