Adventures with George Washington. LOL

Adventures with George Washington

I used a variation of the sperm bank one: "hello this is London Sperm bank, you jack 'em we pack 'em."<<don't do this if you have just applied for a job though.


QuickLOL has tons of funny animated GIF images. GIF pictures are animated which can be even better than a video, as they are short and hilarious.

Oh my gosh...can't stop saying it lol

Mind = sufficiently blown.

If you say “beer can” with a British accent, you’re also saying “bacon” with a Jamaican accent.

I don't know why I'm laughing at this... probably because I know it's true! LOL!

wisdom attitude life quote: i do this thing called whatever the fuck i want (nb)

Funny Picture

Back off my man! I'm his favorite girl. He told me so. Dog kicks woman in face. Small dog is going crazy in her arms.

Family Guy

Running into my ex-girlfriend…

well,i’d love to stay & chat,but you’re a total bitch

Hahaha!!! ouch!

Well, maybe not the best insult as apparently you couldn't deep throat for shit and sucked in bed. Maybe that's why you had to initiate sex all the time - I saw your messages hehehe

story of my life

"It's called a straddle mom do u want me to succed in life if so I'm gonna be a dancer and when I can't do this I'll say my mom said it's not ladylike "

Just gets funnier every time

Found this gem< I'm laughing so hard! Kinda reminds me of Grus walk in despicable me

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When I wake up and realize I have 2 more hours of sleep before my alarm goes off. - Funny and Relatable!

Too funny!

Funny pictures about Overly Attached Husky. Oh, and cool pics about Overly Attached Husky. Also, Overly Attached Husky.

Lying bitch photo: Bitch I know your lying... But continue This photo was uploaded by kayla30

Funny Monkey Meme: Lying bitch photo: Bitch I know your lying. But Lol!