I CAN'T RISK IT<<< I think this post needs a pic of all the boys, not just Harry

oh, true

Everything I love in life, the hunger Games, Harry Potter and Spongebob :)

Oh wow.

I would run to my room and turn up BVB songs as loud as possible and sing along then go up to them and be like you are life and walk away lol I wish I was that cool in reality I would probably faint

Haha yup

Nialls laugh should be played at football games with people holding their hearts instead of the anthem and I want it to be my ringtone 💜💚💛❤️💙

Repin and like as much as you can

One direction, little mix, and ed sheeran I hate Taylor swift sorry swifters

Omg I posted this yesterday coz I was bored and I woke up and I saw Niall so I screamed, ends up it was just my cardboard standup of him :( :')

My finger fell<<< well darn. Oops<<< I won't pretend my finger slipped. The finger wants what the finger wants hahaXD

<3 :)

My friend was just like this when my crush rejected me. My friend he was going to kill him the next time he aw him.

This is why I love them <3

One direction don't care about their fans, they do everything just for money. yeah, they don't care, but they notice that somebody is leaving their concert early.

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