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"The Eyes of God" - Prohodna Cave, is a karst cave in north central Bulgaria, located in the Iskar Gorge near the village of Karlukovo in Lovech Province. The cave is known for the two eye-like holes in its ceiling, known as the Eyes of God or Oknata.

meditationtemptation: "The Eyes of God" -Prohodna Cave, Bulgaria (Source, I believe) This is the full moon from inside a cave. It looks like two eyes staring down at you;

Saatchi Online Artist: John Markese; Acrylic, 2011, Painting "Curves"

"Curves" - John Markese, acrylic, Palatine, IL {contemporary figurative nude female anatomy torso painting} Best work of this artist !


Moroccan column and door- column has zilij of a bedli-type pattern- door is metal (brass) and most likely cedar wood