“Nobody is making you feel what you’re feeling. Nobody has the power to make you feel something negative emotionally. Your reactions are caused by how you interpret any situation. This is so important because it means that you ultimately become your own resource of emotional freedom and truth.” ~Adyashanti ...

Black and White Photography of Beauty and Solitude

Photography is an art kind that shouldn’t be squelched. It is a kind of art. Black and white photography supplies an exceptional perspective on a lot of subjects. If you present photography e…

Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Diary : Marlen James' Boudoir Photography Toronto in Action: How to pose sexy standing up

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas20

101 Incomparable Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas for Inspiration

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Great length pose, black and white, studio shoot. Amazing model concept for the dress. inspirations at


senior picture idea - easier paint splatter idea - just splatter the hands and chest, and take a close-up photo like this, rather than a full body shot