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The Cookie Board by Rock Recipes

175 cookie recipes and counting! Drop cookies, sandwich cookies, cookie bars, squares, stuffed cookies and more... my best of over 30 years of cookie baking!

Chocolate Chip Squares or Bars - a 40+ year old family recipe. It takes only 10-15 minutes to get these soft, chewy cookie squares into the oven. Sprinkle more chocolate chips on when they come out of the oven, let them melt and spread for the easiest topping too.

Super Easy Orange Ginger Bars - a close cousin to our very popular, easy lemon bar recipe, this cookie bar is a lusciously refreshing choice for the Holidays.

Brown Sugar Shortbread Caramel Squares - A layer of soft, rich, creamy, chewy caramel made from sweetened condensed milk sits between some buttery delicious brown sugar shortbread.

Chewy Gingerbread Raisin Cookies - everything great about gingerbread in a scrumptious crispy, chewy cookie. Perfect for Holiday baking.

Caramel Stuffed Brown Butter Cookies - so simple and so simply delicious. Soft and chewy with triple the caramel flavor from brown butter, brown sugar and soft caramel candy stuffed into the center of the cookies. Absolutely irresistible!

RECIPE # 28 for our Cookie Month is Lemon Blueberry Thumbprint Cookies - very pretty little lemon cookies filled with blueberry jam. A perfect cookie flavor combination.

Soft and Chewy Hazelnut Bars - based upon a favorite nut cake and ideal for the holiday freezer, these easy cookie squares are quick to prepare and freeze exceptionally well.

Easy Cherry Almond Macaroons - A very simple, easy coconut macaroon recipe with the added flavors of cherries and almonds. These freeze well making them another great choice for the Holiday freezer.

Apricot Almond Jammie Dodgers - a tasty twist on a homemade version of the United Kingdom's favorite cookie. Ground almonds in the cookie dough pair perfectly with the sweet apricot jam but if apricot's not your favorite flavor, any good quality jam can be substituted.

November COOKIE RECIPE # 27! Ballpark Samoa Bars - a new take on delicious caramel samoa bars that replaces the toasted coconut with favorite ballpark snacks peanuts and pretzels.

Apricot Coconut Meringue Squares - a soft cookie base, covered with sweet apricot jam and a layer of coconut meringue. Delicious with practically any favorite jam of your choice.

Red Velvet Cream Cheese Cookies - 3 different presentation choices to choose from in these delicious, soft, red velvet cookies sandwiched together with smooth, luscious cream cheese frosting. A favorite cake in cookie form.

Apricot Orange Cheesecake Bars - a freezer friendly recipe with the delicious combination of dried apricots in a citrus flavored cheesecake surrounded by buttery shortbread crumble.

Cherry Cake Squares - Based upon a Newfoundland favorite Christmas cake, these easy cookie squares are quick to prepare, freeze exceptionally well and are always a hit with kids of all ages. It's RECIPE #20 in our month long cookie blitz.

NOVEMBER COOKIE RECIPE #19 Lemon Cream Cheese Crackle Cookies - delicious, soft, lemony crackle cookies are great on their own or even better sandwiched together with smooth, luscious cream cheese frosting. An outstanding combination of flavors.

Fruit & Nut Bar Cookies - inspired by Cadbury's Fruit and Nut candy bar, this recipe combines favorite dried fruits like cranberries or golden raisins with a double chocolate chip cookie. It's recipe # 18 in our month long series of new cookie recipes.

Soft and Chewy Raisin Spice Cookies - The best raisin spice cookie I've ever had. Soft and chewy with crispy edges, these delicious cookies will fill your house with spicy scent as they bake. I hear they are one of Santa's very favorites too.

Strawberry Coconut Cake Squares a.k.a Strawberry Lamingtons - moist cubes of homemade vanilla cake get soaked in a combination of strawberry jello and jam and then rolled in coconut. An easy, pretty and very tasty treat that kids will love. Pretty festive looking too!

Caramel Stuffed Salted Caramel Cookies - after 3 recipe experiments I got the formula just right for these soft chocolate cookies stuffed with a caramel candy and sprinkled with sea salt. A few seconds in the microwave will warm the cookie up and soften the caramel center, making them even better.

COOKIE MONTH RECIPE #14 Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake Bars - a scrumptious mix of chocolate shortbread crumble, creamy vanilla cheesecake and juicy cherries. Throw on a little chocolate drizzle too if you like. Freezes perfectly too!

Chocolate Orange Shortbread Sandwich Cookies - Buttery chocolate shortbread cookies sandwiched together with a simple but decadent chocolate orange filling. Perfectly scrumptious enough to serve at an elegant afternoon tea.

  • Debra Kennedy

    Hi @Rock Recipes. I'm very interested in your boards Best Food Blogger Photos and Recipes!,can you please invite me to join them? Thanks.

COOKIE MONTH RECIPE #12 Chocolate Coconut Cake Squares - an easy, decades old, nostalgic recipe that deserves a resurgence in popularity. Soft, moist vanilla cake, dipped in chocolate syrup and rolled in dried coconut. So simply delicious and freezer friendly too!

  • Lynda Power

    We call them Lamingtons in Australia

  • Rock Recipes

    Oh believe me, I've heard all about it Lynda. Countless Aussies have let me know since I posted it. My grandmother made these back in the sixties here in Newfoundland and many others I knew made them too. Odd that I's never heard the name Lamingtons until now. I do love them though. :)

30 NEW COOKIE RECIPES IN NOVEMBER continues with Soft Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Ganache Cookies - soft pumpkin cookies with a spiced sugar coating. Delicious with or without the simple chocolate ganache to sandwich them together.

RECIPE # 3 in our 30 Days of New Cookie Recipes is inspired by my childhood love of chocolate covered raisins. These Raisinets Cookie Bars have a blondie-like base and a very easy chocolate and raisin topping; it's half cookie, half chocolate bar and all scrumptious! Not a fan of raisins> Toasted peanuts or pecans are easily substituted.

RECIPE #4 in our 30 Days of New Cookie Recipes is Cranberry Almond Orange Cookies - a delicious festive collision of flavors that can be enjoyed at any time of the year.