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Wal-Mart People and friends

Wal-Mart People and friends

  • 259 Pins

Biggest Fails of Walmart

Biggest Fails of Walmart


Meanwhile at Wal-Mart....

9GAG - Why So Serious? - Page2RSS

Hahaha! Perks of working at Wal-Mart...Even if you are a manager ;)

Thank you, Wal-Mart shopper

people of walmart (18) - Dump A Day


Went To Walmart



Long ass day

Meanwhile at WalMart

Ha! Don't go in there for while. Ohh, doggie!


People of WalMart...we salute you!!!!

Feel a draft?

  • Susan Schwartz
    Susan Schwartz

    doesn't own a mirror...

  • RondaLee

    Or pants

I'm just gonna scratch an itch here.....

Meanwhile at Walmart..

Oh Those Wonderful, Wacky, People Of Wal Mart � 58 Pics.... This pic kindof reminds meof someone I know....

Oh Those Wonderful, Wacky, People Of Wal Mart - 58 Pics
  • Kayla 85
    Kayla 85

    I'm pretty sure it's not.

  • RondaLee


shopping at Wal-Mart!

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Regular people push their babies in strollers, Walmart people push their cats in strollers

Out With The Kiddies - People Of Walmart

I'll Never Regret For Working At Walmart - Funny Pictures at Walmart

You get to a certain age where you just don't care anymore what you look like when you go shopping at Walmart.

Bring your goat to Walmart day

good stuff is always at the bottom

A good stuff is always at the bottom - Dump A Day


Ghetto Walmart wedding