love this fan art of elsa

Elsa the Queen of Arendelle


Elsa Arendelle and Jack Frost, Hogwarts AU. Houses were wrong, and I don’t ship, but the drawing is great

RDJism   ---   Ok, it's really good. I don't ship them, but it's pretty good.

Birds of ice feathers and weird-shaped sticks flock together :)

careful highness road mighty slipery this time of year~~~~

(Tangled)Eugene and Rapunzel,(Frozen) Elsa and (RiseOfTheGuardians) Jack Frost,(Frozen) Kristoff and Anna- I love all these ships!

elsa and jack frost | Tumblr

Jack and Elsa Hogwarts. Jack is perfect for Slytherin, but I see Elsa more in Ravenclaw.

Elsa  . . .

This is rose Jack gave me. I love it. This is here because the tag thingy I read about Rose Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness and ahhh.

Wain❄ on

Jack and Elsa meet. :3:

Of course she sees him. I mean if she's going to beleive in a fairy tale, wouldn't she believe in the one the most similar to her reality?

Jelsa stages

Comment if you think Elsa and Jack Frost should be together.

Jack x Elsa

Frozen Elsa x Jack Frost